The Do’s and Don’t’s of DIY (And why you Should Let us Help!)

If you’ve been spending lots of extra time at home lately, you might be noticing projects to take on here and there. Home improvement has certainly become a popular way to pass time through the pandemic, and exterior cleaning is no exception. While there are positive elements to tackling this project yourself, there are elements to consider which might make you consider hiring professionals. Today we’d like to walk you through some pros and cons of having your home pressure washed or doing it yourself.

You may be wondering why you’d need to hire a company to come clean your home’s exterior when you can so easily rent a pressure washer at your local home improvement store. The pros to the DIY approach of pressure washing are that you maintain full control of the project, and you can work according to your own timetable. Working alone, you make all the decisions! However, as doable as it is to pressure wash your home yourself, it can be time-consuming and even dangerous. You could easily get stuck on a hard to reach spot or fall from a ladder due to the intense pressure coming from a wand. Renting a pressure washer does not come with training, which any reputable company should have plenty of!

Hiring a professional company to pressure wash your home comes with its own set of pros and cons, and they are worth careful evaluation before you make a decision. Unfortunately, not all companies will care for your home as much as you do or will overcharge you for the service. Hiring a company means you will have to do research to choose one with the best reputation and prices. On the bright side, this will often yield the best results to get your house into the shape it needs to be in. Companies will have professional grade equipment you may not have access to, as well as the proper training and experience to match it. In addition, you are saved the time and hassle of working outside in the elements!

As you research companies to choose from, you’ll find that our team at Brown’s Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning make a habit of leaving customers satisfied. We will always go the extra mile to make sure your home is quickly and thoro