How Regular Roof Cleaning Can Save your Nashville Home

As a Nashville homeowner, you want to keep you house looking in tip top shape at all times! Who wants to come home to a house that hasn’t been kept clean and well maintained? You clean your home regularly, and we think you should give your roof the same consideration. You roof is exposed to the temperamental middle Tennessee elements at all times, and can quickly collect unwelcome contaminants.

Dirt may be the most obvious intruder, but it certainly isn’t alone! Dirt is usually joined by moss, algae, and lichens. These intruders can cause all sorts of damage to your home’s biggest protector, which can mean costly problems later on for you. You might be wondering how simple unattractive stains can cause damage to your roof’s structure! Here are two common unfortunate side effects to a dirty roof:

Shingle damage: the bacteria found in algae and moss can embed itself into your shingles and damage their structures. They can lift, curl, and even retain moisture! Replacing shingles can be expensive, and is just plain irritating to have to do. Don’t let your hard earned money be spent worrying over and replacing damaged shingles!

Rotting: moss that retains water can also cause the wood in your roof to rot. This can very quickly make your roof susceptible to leaks, and even molding! Moss will grow in between shingles, making it difficult for water to evaporate quickly. While moss might be easy to spot for a professional, most homeowners do not take the time to inspect their roofs for it on a regular basis. Allowing a professional roof cleaner to assess your roof’s health can easily save you big dollars!

Roof cleaning will help your home look beautiful at all times, and that is something every homeowner loves to see! However, it will more importantly protect your beloved house and your loved ones inside. Unsure of how long it’s been since your roof has been cleaned, or even if it needs it? No worries! We at Brown’s Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning are highly experienced and well trained in all exterior home maintenance services. Start the process today by giving us a call. We will take care of all the details from there! Simply give us a call at (615) 581-1581, or click to receive a free estimate today.

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