Pressure Washing Prices & Rates

Pressure Washing Prices & Rates by Industry

When estimating pressure washing prices & rates you should consider the size of the job, the amount of time it will take to complete, and any special equipment or products that will be needed. You should also factor in your own overhead costs, and then set a price that will allow you to make a profit while still providing a competitive rate.

The first factor to consider when pricing your pressure washing services is the size of the job. Determine how many square feet you will be cleaning and determine whether or not any special equipment or products will be needed. Factor this cost into your price calculation, as it is a necessary expense in order to complete the job.

The amount of time it takes to complete a pressure washing job is another consideration for determining a price. If you’re going to need extra time on a larger project, then factor that into your calculations as well. Be sure that you provide yourself with some extra time in order to account for unexpected problems that could arise during the project, such as stained surfaces that require additional scrubbing or water that burst while you’re working.

Pressure Washing Prices & Rates
Pressure Washing Prices & Rates

To determine the pros and cons of pricing by the square foot or by the hour, consider your own skill level. If you are comfortable website visiting with multiple tools in order to get a job done quickly, then it would be wise for you to charge per square foot. On the other hand, if you’re not particularly efficient at carrying out your work, then it might be better for you to charge per hour.

Charge what you’re worth! Be sure that whatever price point you choose is one that will allow you to make a certain amount of money after all necessary expenses have been paid. For example, if your cost of living is $1,000/month and your business requires $300/month in overhead costs (phone bill, website hosting, business cards), your maximum price should be $1,300. This will ensure that you are making at least a little bit of money after accounting for all of your expenses on a monthly basis.

Finally, be sure to consider the industry in which you are operating when determining what price is reasonable for pressure washing services. For example, if you are working with homes, prices tend to vary within the range of $25-40/day depending on whether or not gutter cleaning and window washing is included. If you’re providing pressure washing services for trailers or small businesses, prices can often fall somewhere in between these two ranges – perhaps around $30-50/day. Pressure washing construction sites usually fall within the range of $40-60/day, while large commercial properties may require a price of $100+/day. Be sure to check with your local contractor’s association in order to determine typical rates within the industry in which you are working.

Once you’ve determined what your costs and prices will be for pressure washing services, it’s time to get out there and clean! Remember that customers value quality over quantity; if they can tell that you’re spending the extra time to do a good job, they’ll be more likely to choose your business over one that simply provides “good enough.” Good luck and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the gleam come back into someone else’s eyes when they see their newly cleaned home or business!

Pressure Washing Services
Pressure Washing Services
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