Pros and Cons of Power Washing Your Concrete Patio

Patios are the best places to relax and spend time with family. Because of this, people want their patios to look their best all year round. One effective way to do that is through power washing concrete patio. Power washing is an enormously popular method for removing dirt and grime from surfaces such as concrete or brick floors. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider before you power wash your concrete patio flooring.


There are many benefits of using power washing techniques on the concrete patio. It can remove most types of organic staining including algae and mold that grows on patios and walkways when it is not properly taken care of during winter seasons. There may be cracks in the surface which could build up with pollen and dirt.

Power washing concrete patio can also be used to remove most kinds of oil stains that might have accumulated overtime on the flooring. It effectively loosens up oils which allow you to just sweep away them away without too much effort. The only exception here is petroleum-based stains, but if it has been a while since they were applied, then they may come away with the rest of the grime using this method as well.

Finally, power washing can be used in order to clean off moss and lichen from concrete patios. Moss often grows when there is not enough sunlight for it to flourish photosynthesis, so by blasting it with water, you can effectively kill it and remove the moss in the process. Make sure you wear protective gear when using this technique, especially if you are near trees or other plants that could become damaged.


The biggest problem with power washing is that there is no guarantee it will work on each stain or staining type. If your patio flooring has been stained for years without any proper cleaning attempt, then your best chance at getting it to look clean again is by sweeping up all of the debris and applying some sort of chemical-based cleaner like TSP (trisodium phosphate) to break down stains.

Another common problem is that pressure washers tend to damage surfaces over time if they are not used correctly. If the machine is held at the wrong angle or too close to the flooring, then you could risk damaging it by accident through powerful water pressure that can cause cracks in cement or brick surfaces.

The biggest disadvantage of using power washers on concrete patio surface is water damage which can occur if not enough precautions are taken before beginning this process. For example, if there are plants in the path of your power washer, make sure they are secured or moved away prior to starting up the machine.

Another disadvantage of using pressure washers to clean patios is that it requires extra effort in order to do. You cannot use the machine for a few moments before turning it off and picking up your broom or mop in order to sweep away loosened debris.

When it comes to power washing, the pros outweigh the cons. It effectively blasts away most types of oil stains, moss and lichen growth on concrete, and surface dirt which will make your patio look bright again. The only thing you must do during these sessions ensures that you use caution when using chemicals like TSP or excessive water pressure to prevent possible damage if not enough safety precautions are taken before starting up the machine. Make sure that nearby plants are secured at all times in order to prevent accidental water damage from occurring out of carelessness.

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