What Goes Into Cleaning Concrete Sidewalk?

Do you have dirt and stains on your concrete that are becoming a distraction? Are you embarrassed about the grime on your concrete that has started to take over? If so, then let Brown’s Pressure Washing remove the dirt in your way. A professional pressure wash will remove the built-up dirt and salt deposits from weathering and general use over time.

Walkway cleaning is having your flatwork; which includes your driveway, sidewalk, and patios, pressure washed. It’s so important to have a walkway cleaning for your flatwork, to not only increase your curb appeal for your home, but especially when these surfaces have growth of mold and algae, they become very slick to walk on. After a rain is when it is most probable for a slip accident to happen. Left untreated, this can be very dangerous and unsafe for you and others to walk on.

before concrete cleaning
after concrete cleaning

For flatwork cleanings, we use a concentrated solution and high-power washers. Because concrete is porous, these contaminants soak into the surface of the concrete. Using a pressure washer, the dirt and grime are penetrated, lifted out, and washed away.

With Brown’s Pressure Washing, you’ll be getting the very best of pressure washing and fully enjoy its benefits. Even better, we will be able to do pressure washing using the right pressure thus guaranteeing that none of your items or property will be damaged. Click here for your free quote! 


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